This is a super sloper set. Each hold can be set in multiple angles creating a huge range of different styles and difficulty levels. The Eggstacy set has varying degrees of positive and sloping holds, sloping edges and very subtle shapes. This would allow you to create an aesthetically cohesive route across a range of different wall angles using just one set!

Due to the nature of this style of climbing hold, this set is not available in duo-texture

This set comprises of 20 holds,

Made from 14 unique shapes,


2 oversized macros 60-80cm wide

6 XL holds 40-60cm wide

4 Large holds 30-40cm wide

8 Medium holds 15-30cm wide

All holds are made with 100% recyclable thermo plastic, using aluminium inserts for screw placement and longevity.

Our logo is 2cm wide for size reference