To help you understand our products and answer some of your questions we have compiled the following list, if we dont answer your question here, feel free to contact us

Are your holds hollow?

No our holds are made from solid softwood beams glued together in a special way normally meant for making beams in large buildings.

How should we clean your holds?

Our holds are designed to be cleaned by pressure washer or air compressor. The holds, volumes and elements are all treated on the underside with an epoxy that protects the material from damage by water.

Are your holds heavy?

Surprisingly most of our holds are light by comparison to conventional holds. The largest of our holds are around 5-6 kg and most of the smaller holds are very light.

Are your holds fragile?

Our holds are just as fragile as other holds, if you treat them well they should easily last as long as other holds. We advise against throwing the holds around just as any others.

Can we use screw ons to enhance your holds?

Yes, its quite easy to add screw ons to our holds as the material is intended for screws. As with any holds, if you use screw ons for long enough you will eventually damage the integrity of the hold in question. We advise against screwing close to the edges of the holds to avoid splits in the wood.

How does ordering work?

Our website has a shopping cart that will allow you to pay for your order, including shipping, directly.

We will begin producing your sets and/or volumes straight away and aim to ship your order within 4 weeks. You will recieve confirmation of your order and shipment by email to the address you submit in the ordering process