Dual texture climbing hold sloper

Our holds are made by hand at high quality, using high quality materials for high quality climbing. Our element, macro/volume and hold bases are treated to be water resistant for cleaning.


All set screw holes are fitting with solid anodised aluminium cup washers for durability and our paint and epoxy varnishes are the highest quality to ensure your holds will last as long as possible.


Our grip is created using multiple layers to ensure that even with heavy wear and tear your hold will have grip as long as you do




We believe that beauty is a part of climbing, whether this is in the mountains or at the boulder spot, or in your local gym.


Aesthetics play an important role in route setting, we have designed our sets and volumes in a way that lends itself to setting beautiful routes in one style.

Make your gym stand out with our beautifully crafted wooden holds, volumes and elements. Build the best routes and keep your customer base engaged whilst contributing to a more sustainable future.



Comp style dual texture route setting





At Soul holds we have developed our own machine for processing and shaping 100% recyclable plastic into climbing holds!

The plastic we use has been endlessly recycled and hopefully long after you are down climbing on them, they will have transformed into yet another form.

Our wooden products are all made using sustainably sourced timbers.



All of our holds are available with  duo-texture. Duo-Texture is a great way to help your setters force specific movement and maintain a level of creativity using the same holds in different ways each time you re-set.


dual texture climbing holds