Square Segment Volumes


Set of 4

These Modular wedges can be used together or apart to create new and exciting shapes and movement on your walls, the very low angle of the wedge allows setting for slab as well as overhanging walls to maximise the creativity of the setting and climbing in your gym.


Unpresedented grip, metal inserts for longevity and style, and treated underside to avoid water absorption during cleaning.

Segmental Square Volumes can be used as holds in a route or as neutral elements for all routes, the low angle allows for force movement and challenging setting on slab sections as well as overhang. Create crack climbing routes, dynamic climbing or technical compression style climbing.


This set includes:

2 left segmental volumes

2 right segmental volumes


This set is mirrored for accurate mirroring and closing of the set



Our colour range has been tailored to suit our closest customers, we have created a colour chart for the RAL codes for your convenience